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Revamp Industries.

We'll hone your consulting mindset, and master the case interview.

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A breakthrough curriculum.

iX classes blend theoretical learning with practical skills and tools. That way, you get a wide breadth of knowledge, but also the power to create real value.

Foundation Theory

Hypothesis Driven Problem-solving
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Develop a hypothesis of the answer to a problem early, then focuses on testing and revising.

The Inductive and Deductive
Deductive thinking 47d8481c680dc7c2443e439ef35c43ab119b568ed4bef792df088a364bf6774b

The importance of the difference, and why and when to use which.

Strategy b6c0912500507151d974db9d213a57f7bbb2ec2c77304937c328e0dc0d86457b

Strategy is always about choices. What frameworks to use, how to make touch decisions, and why.

Market + Competitor Analysis
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What's sold in a market, who the customers are, and which competitors are in play.

Practical Skills + Tools

Persuasive Communication
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The consultant's silver bullet: build persuasive arguments and present them beautifully.

M&A Strategic Toolkit
Strategic toolkit 219a895bb84f88bb8768745e3ae479566c4719da03b80072862e5c1456b3df54

Private equity firms and hedge funds rely on consultants for buy-side support.

Resume + LinkedIn
Resume 7e588a15ed002debd66eda2554ed3a0e91207c6ae83df07c5b537bb0b3b45755

Build an impressive resumé and LinkedIn profile through hands on workshops.

Case Interviews
Case interview 5878ac509e0fd9ba84ced4fa7585cadcd305f3cca0cb85720948f291fc57a453

A key hurdle to your dream job is the case interview: a mock business problem or quantitative oral exam.

Management Consultants solve complex business problems.

The proof is
in our 650+ alumni.

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Christopher huang 52dee18c3a11c561a152f58c60c1ec19cb97d0d3053ec8516bca45ee2f8a5016

"From performing market analyses using Porter’s Five Forces, to understanding how we are positioned within the market using STP mapping, to developing dynamic financial models, the consulting course has prepared me to address a wide range of business problems, if not all, with confidence."

Christopher Huang, Oxford '18

Ashley castillo facbbcad815861600ba2673117155923082854e593e3efe87763e0bb4c5d8811

"Accenture meant getting into the office at 9am and doing some research on a current issue and our client, then we would prepare for meetings/presentations with our manager. What I enjoy most about my internship is that I feel like I am actually working on a real project."

Ashley Castillo, UPenn '18

Panyakorn rakpanitmanee c52ece5d3418c12340f4a017739ba5dcde8416a3eb5c4dab003935a7d92706bb

"For consulting we had to to be able to analyze data like a data scientist, create a PowerPoint deck like a designer, do excel modeling like a broker. For me, this aspect of the course, in addition to an awesome instructor and TAs, makes every class so enjoyable."

Panyakorn Rakpanitmanee, Michigan '18

Liam collins 27de52dc5a2cd1d4a46f5cbb2fff95a443a441ee05145c4d0df41301c7598f22

"Our teacher, Anton, created a dynamic that really inspired me to perform and to squeeze every bit of learning and enjoyment out of this course - our final project wouldn't have been the same without his drive."

Liam Collins, University of Hong Kong '20

Lilly chadwick d86a260ca46c99adbce413fd75f93dccc7ee0a25c13145040093e9023f618974

"This class was one of the most rewarding classes I have ever taken, and I honestly could not have asked for a better teacher. Figuring out my career path now seems a little less daunting and I am so grateful to have had Anton as a teacher and mentor."

Lilly Chadwick, Princeton '17

Accelerate your career with an internship.

Consultants tackle—and solve—the most difficult problems that face governments and businesses, small and large. Consultants learn a variety of skill sets and are exposed to a number of different industries in a very steep learning curve. People moving out of Management Consulting are in great demand in industries such as Finance and Banking, and other corporate organisations. They are well-placed to become leaders in most organisational fields.

After your course, you can do an internship with one of our partner companies to hone your skillset, bolster your resume, and jumpstart your career.

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