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Harness the power of data.

Learn to find, organize, and make sense of the numbers and letters that move the world.

Cape Town only.

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A breakthrough curriculum.

iX classes blend theoretical learning with practical skills and tools. That way, you get a wide breadth of knowledge, but also the power to create real value.

Foundation Theory

Probability and Stats
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The likelihood that you'll need stats to be a top Data Scientist? 100%.

Data Analysis
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Gain deep insights into what your data means, not just what it represents.

Research Methods
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Learn rigorous methodology to ensure your results are correct.

Visualization 34d9d0fa81dbef478804c85c7108b4fadc63bbe563ec8044503a8ee6966ce701

Numbers are almost worthless unless we, as humans, can make sense of them visually.

Practical Skills + Tools

Code in R
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The industry-standard language for analyzing, building models, and presenting data.

Web Scraping
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Go out into the world wide web and catch yourself some respectable data.

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Communicate efficiently with other websites, and create your own service that other sites can use.

Data Apps
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Use Shiny to create interactive, data-driven applications.

Data Scientists leverage data to generate business insights.

The proof is
in our 650+ alumni.

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Brian li c6e80d2db4e7a47c4fc410b75b35494f49b43a714c8c15b986bba1cdffe59714

"The iX data science course offered thorough preparation for my internship. Through course engagement and consistent expert guidance, I feel I have mastered both R and SQL programming skills, enabling me to analyze large datasets and further educational research in my internship placement."

Brian Li, UVA '19

Claire adair b6c368e88cf9550c4f620293e48b4200e0afee474cdd3756c223c11086d94f32

"Thanks to our professor, Andrew Collier, and TA, Arthur Wu, whose data science expertise was matched both by pedagogical ability and engagement, my classmates and I have not only strengthened our coding skills, but earned a contextual understanding of how big data analysis can inform the guidance of major systems and reveal otherwise overlooked patterns."

Claire Adair, Princeton '19

Yash tekriwal 74cc0d0b75461195c947ceb78e997b86dcf7e80b03da8a98dfb14a2d929b6b23

"After completing the course I’m a couple of steps further in the search for meaning through data. If not, I’ve gained a family of amazing people. At the end of the day, that’s what data science is. A quest to find meaning where it didn’t exist before."

Yash Tekriwal, UVA '18

Sophia dong 6b2bb5337f821b23453c8fac582f2f02eae84163ca5035dad0238c996c2f0931

"I've honestly learned more in four weeks than I have in three months of many of my college courses. It's been an honor and a privilege to work with someone as knowledgeable as our teacher, Andrew. I woke up everyday interested in what we were learning next."

Sophia Dong, Rutgers University '19

Gates cao 17071ae9b4ce963fcc4cd8c7dc9ad9646b3d248ce3819bb9050923befb8136e1

"Honestly, I can't believe the amount of knowledge and skills I've acquired and how much I felt empowered in such a short period of time. I worked hard on the exercises and projects not to get good grades, but because I was inspired and eager to dive into the materials. I'm confident that the data science skills I learned will open up lots of opportunities that I didn't think of before."

Gates Cao, Northwestern '18

Accelerate your career with an internship.

The Data Science career is anyone with a hunger for solving problems rigorously and analytically. If you love uncovering hidden patterns and discovering surprising associations, this is the career for you. And you'll be rewarded well—data scientists are amongst the highest paid technical professionals today.

After your course, you can do an internship with one of our partner companies to hone your skillset, bolster your resume, and jumpstart your career.

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