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Invest like a pro.

Get your first taste of Wall Street—we'll teach you to run with investors and hiring managers alike.

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A breakthrough curriculum.

iX classes blend theoretical learning with practical skills and tools. That way, you get a wide breadth of knowledge, but also the power to create real value.

Foundation Theory

Risk and Return
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Learn to trade off for the best possible return for the lowest risk.

Investment Philosophies
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Master an intricate set of guiding principles that inform and shape your investment decisions.

Portfolio Construction
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Balance return taking into account your unique needs, goals and risk considerations.

Valuation 7af5ec441e9b46231e13aa30f42fb4c0ea322fc6687c82f817c154e737027555

One of the core duties of an investor, as valuations are typically the most important long term drivers of asset prices.

Practical Skills + Tools

Excel Excellence
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Must know elements for excel, including arrays, reference functions, condititional formulas and others.

Financial Modeling
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Build complex models to analyze companies, including the infamous Discounted Cash Flow.

Visual Basic for Applications
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Program Excel to perform complex tasks and automate processes.

Applied Learnings
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Pitch your best investment ideas, supported by financial models and valuation analyses, to see how they stack up against others.

Investors manage risk to create value.

The proof is
in our 650+ alumni.

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Oliver jenkins 7c711cff12e642e7254b2153f53a2f72ac368fc193265f0f7dadc7ffa22bed5f

"iX was a truly awesome experience, meshing invaluable finance related experience with adventure, friendship, and new perspectives. I would recommend this to anyone who is not only interested in gaining a deep insight into the world of finance, but also interested in discovering a new city and culture!"

Oliver Jenkins, Cambridge '17

Sean vanderslice 176b1b4e14e3c69432ca70ef397b5b0659afb3d52682b84bcf2a5120064f790d

"I can say without question that I was able to get a real valuable experience into what the it’s like to work at an investment firm and the great feeling that comes with presenting something that you had worked hard on over the past few weeks."

Sean Vanderslice, UVA '19

Courtney schaf bf5cbe639cd3fe2174d08565a8c2593b9749c23882cba1a145a8841bd2b44444

"After the intensive four week finance course I felt well equipped for the work that did evaluation and modeling to apply them as needed. We looked into the scalability of the company too. I’m so grateful of my experience working with a South African company in its initial stages."

Courtney Schaf, Northwestern '19

Jason guay 223fb71e6b9b65331c4f26225d00721654fd2da23d914834216adb4cd3029f83

"I walked into the finance course with very limited Excel skills, and due to the class, I was able to start my internship with a good head on my shoulders and work in Excel on the daily. I'm very thankful to have picked up skills from our amazing teacher, Obeid, during the course."

Jason Guay, Isenberg '17

Grant watson 745a14b0510cab5e89f65c9933ada733f61182d491bc6f2a21229ed68414fb92

"Ben, our teacher, made the class a fun environment to learn finance and made the 4 weeks a worthwhile experience. I really enjoyed the fund project, and found it a great way to apply what we had learned."

Grant Watson, UVA '19

Accelerate your career with an internship.

At its essence, working in Investment Finance can comprise of Asset Management (where you build a portfolio of investments like securities, and attempt to optimise the risk/return on your portfolio), Investment Banking (which can include a number of different roles including mergers and acquisitions, making loans to companies, working on IPOs), and a number of different roles.

After your course, you can do an internship with one of our partner companies to hone your skillset, bolster your resume, and jumpstart your career.

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