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Build your own reality.

Master the technology to create compelling virtual environments that will redefine the way we work, play, and socialize.

Cape Town only.

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A breakthrough curriculum.

iX classes blend theoretical learning with practical skills and tools. That way, you get a wide breadth of knowledge, but also the power to create real value.

Foundation Theory

VR and the Future
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What is the true potential of this technology? What you'll learn will blow your wildest imaginations—and then you'll build it.

3D scene building
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Blur the lines of reality by optimising composition, lighting, texture, sound and post-effects.

Interaction design
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Learn how to manipulate virtual space and architect 3D environments that move and respond realistically.

UI and UX Design
Vr design e50fb4e1040ded2b33e231afc1490a72295def332fb7c13b9c3f620d058ea77b

How do you make virtual environments engaging and intuitive to use?

Practical Skills + Tools

Master Unity
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Master the industry-standard Unity 3D engine to bring your vision to life.

Multi-platform experiences
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Create across market-leading platforms like the Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Microsoft Hololens and others.

Object Oriented Programming
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Script scenes and interactions using object-oriented programming languages like JavaScript and C#.

VR Social Networking
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Create interactive real-time conversations where you're in the same room, but miles away. Think Skype on steroids.

VR Developers redesign, reprogram, and augment the 'real' world around us.

The proof is
in our 650+ alumni.

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Chase lortie 746cd2e2302651cad835938c0e076fee1d0a0a7eb2155dbac999433e902a7fed

"I absolutely loved being a part of the VR class. It exceeded my expectations and I am so thankful for the decision. This class has sparked a passion for VR/AR, and I am confident that I am going to pursue it for jobs in the near future. I have been looking for an industry that gets me excited, and I finally found it!"

Chase Lortie, Stanford '19

Rinna jiang ea4d76619bcb0682ec43a3cf0d837c4482ccb1843dde2b5f0e5f8e98a325f8ab

"Gerard was such a helpful, approachable, and fun teacher! I came to this class not knowing anything about VR or Vive or Unity, but now I feel like I have a foundation of knowledge that allows me to pursue specific areas further on my own."

Rinna Jiang, UCLA '19

Mark steelman e25178c83c961b6d1633365234a8c124808562914c1c348c054fd3571f5775cc

"There are not very many people in general with significant VR experience, and somehow I was lucky enough to be taught by one of the most experienced VR developers I’ve ever met. Gerhard was a great guide in our exploration of an amazing new field that is quite hard to wrap one’s head around."

Mark Steelman, Duke '19

Adelle ingrid dimitui 0d2a22fae7573b41e4253c1411961391b321e444a88fc50b4f80c76c4f2b1244

"I never thought I’d get the opportunity to explore the world of virtual reality and learn about the applications of this rapidly progressing field. With the enhanced arsenal of skills I learned, I was able to come away from my summer, much more confident in myself and tremendously more knowledgeable about an innovation I previously knew nothing about."

Adelle Ingrid Dimitui, Princeton '19

Alex tenn cdadedb1b43aa8037a284f8a168eaa7930974efc2bf1c7fe86675463c21c49bb

"This was the best summer / intern / study abroad ever. iX is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make amazing stuff, better than half the nonsense you see on the web, as well as see beautiful Cape Town that you've heard so much about."

Alex Tenn, Yale '14

Accelerate your career with an internship.

Careers in VR range from artistry and design, analyst positions to software developers and involve programming, mastering 3D graphic fundamentals, and interactive app development. And as with any fast-growing industry, most of tomorrow’s jobs, we can’t even begin to imagine yet. VR + medicine? VR + law? It’s anyone’s guess.

After your course, you can do an internship with one of our partner companies to hone your skillset, bolster your resume, and jumpstart your career.

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