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Kickstart your career.

Work in our new rotational program to build a cross-functional skillset. Earn a competitive salary while developing your skills.

Create your dream career.

We're looking for brilliant, recent university graduates to join our vision of building Africa's leading university.

Our rotational program allows you to learn and experience different aspects of our business and design a more informed future. You'll play an integral, supportive role in helping to build our educational vision, while gaining invaluable skills across a variety of business areas.

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Learn what it's like to work at iX.

How it works.

A year-long commitment. A lifetime of opportunity.

1. Get hired.

Our rigorous interview process involves a 15-minute questionnaire, a 2-hour take-home project, and an in-person interview.

2. Work on multiple teams.

We'll place you into several teams over the course of a year. You'll gain broad exposure to the business, and a wide set of skills.

3. Find your full-time fit.

If you're a superstar, we'll work with you to create a full-time role that will accelerate your career and future earning potential.

Build a cross-functional skillset.

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Work with industry experts to build world-class, futuristic courses.

Skills: Curriculum development, course design, teacher support.
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Business Development

Research new markets, interact with customers, and help grow iX.

Skills: Sales, financial modeling, customer support, research.
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Tell our story to the world through cutting-edge digital platforms.

Skills: Digital marketing, ad messaging, analytics.
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Make sure our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Skills: Advanced Excel, project roadmapping, attention to detail.

The job specifications.

Competitive pay for competitive work.


R15K / month
Monthly fitness credit
Amazing team culture


Deep hunger to learn
Excellent university marks
Strong technological proficiency


Work full-time hours
Learn extremely quickly
Proactively create business value