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Expand your mind.

Learn to dream 10x. Discover exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, Biotech, Fintech, and more.

Study abroad this summer in Cape Town, South Africa. Ages 16-18.

The perfect summer abroad.

While the world is changing faster than ever, our high schools remain static. Students enter college with no knowledge about the exponential technologies that will shape our future.

Our program changes that. We'll expose you to the potential of world-changing tech through our one-of-a-kind, intensive curriculum. All while you explore the most breathtaking city on Earth, and join a global community of like-minded students.

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iX is far from a typical classroom. We’re more of an intense 2-week workshop. The best way to learn is by working together and getting your hands dirty.

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We believe that community service is an essential part of any quality education. Learn about Cape Town's communities, connect with them, and help out.

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At heart, we’re adventurers and community members. You’ll be pushed to discover new things daily: in your surroundings and in yourself.

Intensive learning for the 21st century.

We are no typical school. Our purpose is to help students expand their minds and hearts, not pass tests.

You'll learn about a different topic virtually every day—get ready for an intense ride!

The World of Tech
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What is technology, anyway? Learn about the ecosystem and just how vast it is.

Build a Website
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Learn to code a basic website using HTML and CSS, and the basics of UX Design.

Machine Learning + AI
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How is it that machines can learn, too? And what does that mean for our future?

Virtual Reality
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Enter—and eventually create—your own virtual world.

Tech + Finance
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Technology is revolutionizing every part of business. Explore financial markets, stocks, and the world of fintech.

Blockchain + Bitcoin
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What if the world didn't need banks? Learn how blockchain and Bitcoin are taking us to that future.

Tech + Biology
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In the future, humans may live forever and resist most diseases. How do we make that real?

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Drones take beautiful photos and videos, but are being used for so much more.

The classroom is just the beginning.

At iX, learning happens 24/7 and goes way beyond subject matter.

How to dream 10x

Dreaming big is hard work. True visionaries follow proven strategies and develop excellent habits, which we'll introduce and practice.

Effective leadership

Great leadership starts with knowing yourself. We'll help you discover more about yourself, and how to use your strengths to inspire others to action.

Foster community

The ability to understand and work with people unlike yourself is more important now than ever. We'll help you create genuine connections with South African locals and other students.

College readiness

We'll give advice on how to choose the perfect college for you, and think about your university career to create the most fulfilling life for yourself.

The proof is
in our results.

Though this is the first year for iX Pre-College, we've hosted 100s of university students in our College program since 2014. These are their reflections.

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Alex tenn 0a9586dc7d42b9160178727b189acbefdd9a404532f45aece6334c8c28b1ec74

"This was the best summer / intern / study abroad ever. iX is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make amazing stuff, better than half the nonsense you see on the web, as well as see beautiful Cape Town that you've heard so much about."

Alex Tenn, Yale '14

Mark steinbrick aeafc8b2167b560fcaf97b57ebff0da59f1480ef0d8665e1c66aa094ddb2a9ac

"iX is a world of opportunity. I couldn't imagine there is a better summer program out there in terms of how much you will learn and what there is to do around you. I will be remembering my days in Cape Town for a long time to come. "

Mark Steinbrick, Harvard '17

Celia aidinoff b6f23ecf258189c4f4c513fbd32e08b072b841d90c0966124dd601c5d3a5d9f7

"iXperience provided me with a truly incredible summer. Not only did I learn concrete skills which I immediately applied in my internship, but I also forged meaningful friendships while exploring an exciting new place. iXperience pushed me to grow as a student and as a person."

Celia Aidinoff, UVa '17

Alexander ortiz d740c4ffe1e602a5abd240ec28028877c7a41eb2fe9ad13a4aa17798dedd3d54

"iX was an opportunity to grow and discover. To explore a dynamic and captivating country, develop practical technical skills, and leave behind the comfort of the familiar to join a diverse assembly of scholars, artists, and adventurers at the edge of the world."

Alexander Ortiz, Stanford '16

Stanley zuo 0917cb9b2ab2bf3c3b6d102ae5337131fe09a7e7a8b440f2bd2be0d3feb8a398

"iX meant developing a new skill with a new group of people. It meant broadening my horizons and taking a risk to step out of my comfort zone. Mostly importantly, iX meant challenging myself both mentally and physically to push my boundaries."

Stanley Zuo, NYU '17

Susana yepes 3e15f6e3bd6beeb0c9eaa6b535a570e5efc217ab11e1479e74d994b68038a068

"iX goes above and beyond to not only teach the students a whole course, but to make sure that every student has the summer of their lifetime. I couldn't imagine a better city to move to for two months. My only warning is you'll never want to go home!"

Susana Yepes, Boston University '17

650+ alumni from 50+ universities, all over the world, from our College program

Explore a new world.

iX includes epic, safe excursions that immerse you into South African culture.

Hike famous mountains

Surf at world-renowned beaches

Immerse yourself in a diverse culture

Simple tuition. Unparalleled value.

No other program offers as much.


for 14 jam-packed days

Tuition is comprehensive and includes:

Course & teacher fees
Safe, comfortable housing
Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Adventure excursions such as zip-lining or surf lessons
Cultural excursions such as trips to museums or Robben Island
Community service trips
Social activities
Personal development curriculum
24-hour health and safety staff
Airport pickup and dropoff
(flights not included)

We're committed to accessibility

At iXperience, we're committed to making sure students from all walks of life have access to our programs. Along with your application, you'll be able to apply for financial aid. We calculate your aid amount based on your demonstrated need, which is determined from family income and some other factors.

Applying for aid will not influence your admissions decision in any way.


in aid awarded since 2014

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