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Excel as a professional.

Gain international work experience, apply your classroom skills in the real world, bolster your resume and get the edge you need.

Our internship partners.

We've partnered with a variety of companies, ranging from startups to international firms, to offer students an immersive internship.

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Featured internship company – DataProphet

A team of machine learning experts specializing in data analysis consulting services in industries from finance to retail, for local and international clients.

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Featured internship company – Code Venture

A global agency of designers and engineers who work with entrepreneurs and enterprises to transform ideas into products and empower teams with epic web and mobile experiences designed for their customers.

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Featured internship company –

A company harnessing the power of the Tangle Network, shaking up the world of crypto and disrupting an already disrupted industry. Described as blockchain without the chain, connecting the world with DLT.

Prove your value, earn college credit.

The chance to apply classroom skills in a professional environment is what makes iX unique. We'll empower you to generate real-world value during a 4-week internship with one of our local partners.

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Tangible deliverables in 4 weeks.

Apply your classroom skills in the real world—and bolster your resume.

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Carlos Couce

iX Data Science
Interned at Aerobotics

"In class, we learned a lot of the theory behind neural network algorithms and now, at Aerobotics, I have had the opportunity to implement those same algorithms while being surrounded by drones! I couldn’t have asked for a more challenging and rewarding transition from the classroom to the workplace."

Success after iX.

Our alumni are at:

Inesha premaratne b9f61281b4219303fc9090119b20aa5c8829ba514e0715616b573b526b979ea6

Harvard '15, iX '14

Analyst at BCG
Aryan chhabria 80e513f9f9f2fa51aec2f238ba49e7eea58fa1845527bac7a89b9f87d13fa390

Brown '16, iX '15

Engineer at Google
Rachel lee ac88d6e20c97c2cc31fd53d3453d8faff24a6adfdfafb51e5e73b6d82df8fda4

Stanford '17, iX '15

Biz Dev at Upstart
Zack chauvin 131b75ad290e3235b4a81d13dc9c45257495232443f8ffa8645e182040ff56c6

Harvard '15, iX '14

Engineer at Facebook
Cameron cross 3922812f6aa259b45d4d359ec94d92a8eea548ed70aaca54e10802f2be1da2cd

UVa '16, iX '14

Consultant at Bain & Co
Phoebe brown ff053beab9f64b8f18d795d26fce16203a545a4bedda2e86a35fa56af4b306d8

Princeton '16, iX '15

Analyst at Ernst & Young

Internship FAQ

It'd be stupid not to ask.

What will I be doing during my internship?

During your four-week internship you will have the opportunity to apply and develop your skills in the real world.

This not only provides an exciting opportunity to positively impact a company by exercising what you have learnt, but also to gain work experience in an area that interests you.

Internship projects are structured and outlined by our respective partner firms, and may vary from company-to-company, according to their needs and client requests at the time.

Here's what the internships are like:

How do I get placed into an internship?

Before the program begins, your teachers and TAs will work closely with our partner companies to structure internship projects that are beneficial to both the students and internship companies. These projects are structured according to the course curriculum and student outcomes, which are carefully structured by your teachers.

Students are placed with a firm by their teaching staff, who will take into consideration each student’s studies, past experience, interests, career goals, project preferences, and skillset as demonstrated throughout the course. Your performance in class and commitment to learning will have a direct impact on your internship placement.

*Please note the internship placement process may differ from course to course depending on the instructor.

What companies does iXperience work with for the internship?

We've partnered with dozens of companies, ranging from local startups, medium sized companies, international firms and NGOs to offer students an immersive, hands-on internship.

We have created a beautiful tool which allow's you to explore our various partner companies in Cape Town. Click here to explore your future options!

Internship partners for Lisbon and Berlin will be announced soon!

How will I get to work each day?

iX will arrange and pay for your transportation to and from work on a daily basis. This will be handled exclusively through a reputable transport firm, meaning safe and convenient transport daily.

Is the internship paid?

Due to visa restrictions and the nature of our partnership agreements, the internships are unpaid.

What if I don’t like my internship?

One component of what makes a successful internship is communication. The first couple of days are tough: moving from the class environment (comfort-zone) to an unfamiliar space. But this is an opportunity to shape your internship experience.

There will be a communication channel available to all students, which can be used to contact a staff member who will assist you with any issues or concerns you may have. We want the best for our students, and want you to have gained valuable work experience, with tangible results by the end of the internship.

We work closely with both the students and our partner companies to provide an immersive real-world experience. We value our partner relationships, and look to strengthen these bonds by trying to solve a problem rather than running away from it.

Can I switch internships in the middle?

Unfortunately, due to the time limitation (4-weeks) of the internship program, our because our partner companies structure projects accordingly, students are unable to switch internships halfway through. If for any reason, you complete all the proposed projects set out for the internship, we can explore other options, as long as this has been approved by all parties involved.

Will I be supported during the internship program?

We send out regular feedback report forms throughout the duration of the internship. This report is sent to both internship companies and students, to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the weeks work.

These reports help us identify any issues/concerns, improve the overall internship experience and help us maintain positive relations amongst all parties. The reports allow us to monitor project progress and ensure that realistic project goals are set and met. Your TA’s and instructors will be available during certain times in the week to offer technical assistance were needed.

What are some of the biggest challenges faced during the internship?

Starting a new job or internship is a challenge in itself. The first couple of days are always hard when trying to find your feet in a “new” environment.

Some of the challenges past students have faced in the internship are: receiving a lot of information to synthesize, having to learn new tools to get portions of your project done, receiving an open ended project outline with little background information, minimal communication with your internship manager, and figuring out the best way to distribute the workload over such a short internship period.

Remember, challenges create the best learning experience. Knowing how to overcome challenges in the workplace makes you valuable employee and prepares you well to have a successful career.

The professional development team are devoted to supporting you through any challenges you may encounter during the internship to ensure you have the support needed to overcome your challenges.

Will the internship vary from company to company?

Yes, Internship projects will vary from company-to-company, according to their needs and client requests at the time.

This not only provides an exciting opportunity to positively impact a company by exercising what you have learnt, but also to gain work experience in an area that interests you. We give you exposure to a variety of different companies, so you're sure to find work that aligns with your abilities, skill-set and career goals.

To get the most value out of the interns, we encourage companies to structure projects around the relevant curriculum outline as well as the student outcomes/abilities document. This guarantees that internship projects match the skillsets of students, meet the desired project standards and are completed on time.

That being said, this is the real-world and every internship will be structured in a different way based on how the company operates.

What are my working hours during the internship?

Your working hours are completely dependent on your internship company and their operating principles. Most companies in South Africa work on standardised working hours: 9am to 5pm or 8am to 4pm.

"The iXperience interns are phenomenal. They bring with them academic energy, a desire to understand and a willingness to contribute to our collective mission."

Lee Watts – Talent Manager, Travelstart

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