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Water Shortage Update

(Last Edited on February 13, 2018)

Residents and visitors are encouraged to be exceedingly mindful of water usage and remain within 50 liters (13.2 Gallons) per person per day. These efforts are designed to mitigate a scenario where “Day Zero” is reached. This is the name given to a scenario in where certain geographical locations will have their water switched off for periods of the day, or even entirely, in favour of managed manual water distribution points. While obviously concerning, the challenge to heighten water consumption consciousness has been embraced by society at large and has stimulated conversation about eco consciousness and our impact on the environment.

The latest information on our progress as a city can be found on our City of Cape Town Water Dashboard - a great resource that gives a quick and easy to understand oversight of our water projects, plans and desalination plants.

Should I/my child still attend iXperience in Cape Town?

Yes! Naturally all students will need to understand the severity of the drought situation in Cape Town, and comply with the usage restrictions.

However, is encouraging to note that the City of Cape Town is still permitting major events such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour, which draws an audience of over 15 000 non-resident cyclists into the city during March 2018.

As the iXperience program takes place during Cape Town’s winter (May - August), we expect the strain on our water supply to decrease as we look forward to welcoming the much-needed rainy season. iXperience is located at the V&A Waterfront within the CBD, an area which is least likely to be affected by a “water shut off” scenario.

Furthermore, the City of Cape Town is also partnering with the likes of Wesgro, and AirBnB to ensure that our infrastructure supports our need to decrease our water consumption. More information on these efforts can be found here.

If absolutely required, for convenience, safety or hygiene, iXperience will be staged approximately one hour’s drive outside Cape Town in the historic coastal town of Hermanus. The quaint town of Hermanus, known for its exceptional whale watching, is supplied by its own dams and underground water systems.

What does ‘Day Zero’ mean?

In essence, it is the day when the City of Cape Town may need to implement water cuts in order to further reduce consumption. However, it is important to understand that this is not an inevitable future. Just this week, we’ve seen a marked improvement in consumption that has pushed back the date by a month. And while certain areas might see a drop in pressure, not all areas will be equally affected. The CBD (where our program is located) has been prioritised and, as such, may not experience any cuts.

iXperience is located at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, who recently published the following statement:
“Should “Day Zero” occur, we understand given the potential negative economic impact and reputational damage, the City of Cape Town is seriously considering not shutting off water supply to the Cape Town CBD, which will include the V&A Waterfront.” See the full statement by V&A Waterfront CEO, David Green, here.

Emergency and essential services

It is crucial to note that essential services, like hospitals, will always have uninterrupted access to water, ensuring safety for both locals and visitors alike.

What measures is iX taking and how can I join in?

We are closely monitoring the shortage and are doing all we can as individuals, as well as a broader community to conserve water, following our city guidelines and measures to do so. Advice on how to best join in our water-wise efforts can be found here.

Our campus and housing partners

Our housing partners are equally as committed to the cause, and have installed low-flow facilities designed to stem wastage. As efforts to decrease water consumption intensify, they will continue to update us as to their measures. They have also assured us that they are prepared to import water from a natural spring source that they have access to, should that need arise. Note that students will still have access to daily showers and ablutions.

Likewise, the V&A Waterfront, where iX campus is currently situated, is tackling the problem head on. A desalination plant is expected to be operable by March 2018, and this, combined with the city’s decision to prioritise water supply to the area so as not to affect tourism, means it will continue to trade.

The iX Global Challenge Fellowship

We at iXperience believe that the brightest minds from around the world, working in a collaborative and open environment, hold the key to addressing water scarcity in Cape Town and thus, the globe. As such, we have established a new fellowship program and invited top academics and subject matter experts from around the world to tackle this global phenomenon in a collaboration that we feel will yield groundbreaking results.

The details about this particular endeavour can be found here.

What might this mean for your/your child’s stay?

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the very best places in the world to visit. We ask that our attendees join in our quest to save water by adhering the water consumption guidelines, as issued by the city. This might mean reducing shower times, foregoing baths, and saving household water to repurpose when possible.

By practising responsible tourism, there is no reason why your experience of Cape Town should be anything less than extraordinary.

Our Lisbon and Berlin Courses

While we encourage our students to make decision on their personal preferences regarding travel and courses, should you wish to explore summer abroad alternatives to Cape Town, check to see which of our courses are offered in Lisbon - a vibrant city and the home of our second campus, as well as Berlin – our brand-new third campus.

Of course, we are always available for further discussion and will be updating this site, as well as our students, as we know more.

For more information please don’t hesitate to book time a time for a chat and we’ll happily call you back.