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Accelerate your career.

An unforgettable summer abroad.

Unparalleled education.

An immersive internship.

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  • The perfect summer abroad.

    Take intense, immersive classes on high-demand skills. Drive real-world impact with an internship at a local company. Discover a breathtaking, culturally rich city.

    The magic is in the combination.

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    There's nothing quite like iX.

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    "The magic of iXperience is so powerful that it could create successful developers, consultants, bankers, or even astronauts if that’s who its students wanted to be."

    - Cameron Cross, UVA 2016, iX 2014

    650+ alumni from 50+ universities, all over the world

    Explore a new world.

    Choose between two breathtaking, and culturally rich campuses.

    There's so much to be uncovered!

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    Lisbon culture portrays one of the most important parts of study abroad: to not only experience a culture that’s different from that you’re used to, but to be intentional about what you take back with you.

    Rafi Khan, iX Co-Founder

    Our tuition philosophy

    We've created an impactful program designed to accelerate your career, push you out of your comfort zone, and most of all, inspire you. Unlike some universities, you get what you pay for: expert teachers who provide individualized attention, world-class facilities, cutting-edge content, epic excursions, and an internship that gives you real-world experience and bolsters your resume. That's our promise.

    Your tuition includes:

    • 4-week intensive course
    • Housing
    • Weekend excursions
    • 4-week hands on internship (8-week package only)
    • Transport to internship (8-week package only)


    Cape Town or Lisbon. Learn more about our campuses here.

    Dates - attend for 4 or 8 weeks
    Session 1 (Cape Town only):
    May 27 - July 21, 2018
    Session 2:
    June 24 - August 18, 2018
    Tuition - financial aid available
    4 weeks (Course only):
    8 weeks (Course + Internship):

    We're committed to making iX as accessible as possible to everyone, and offer up to 30% in need-based financial aid. Learn more on our tuition and aid page.