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iXperience is an investment in your future self.

Summer Career Accelerator

6 weeks

$8,900 in Cape Town

$9,900 in Lisbon, Berlin, and Tel Aviv

Financial aid is available for all of our programs.
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No other program offers as much.

Our programs are all-inclusive experiences, designed from start to finish by our experienced, global team.


Comfortable and safe housing

Learning head

An immersive, hands on course


An international internship

Day class

160+ hours of class and support


Incredible iX-designed excursions


Lifetime access to our alumni network


LinkedIn, résumé, and career support


Airport pickup and dropoff

Sarah schachman

"iX is incredible value for money! Other programs, which only provide classes in the fees, cost twice as much. This included lodging, lessons, internship, outings... I could not believe how much we got for the money."

- Sarah Schachman, Harvard 2016, iX 2014

Funding your summer

Admissions at iXperience is merit-based and need-blind. Your eligibility for financial aid is determined entirely by your demonstrated need.

During your application you will need to select if you are applying for financial aid and you will then have to complete a separate application to be eligible.

Financial aid packages can be up to 30% of your summer tuition fee depending on your needs. Applying for financial aid will not impact your admissions decision in any way.

How does financial aid at iXperience work?

iXperience has a need-blind admissions policy, which means we don't consider an applicant's financial situation when making their admissions decision. If you indicate that you'll be applying for aid in the first step of your application, you'll have the opportunity to fill out a separate financial aid application after you submit. We grant aid based on an applicant's demonstrated need, which is calculated based on their family income and a variety of other factors.

Should I apply if my parents household income is above $100,000?

There is no official income cut-off for financial aid eligibility. Since eligibility for need-based financial aid is determined by many factors, including the family’s income, family size and number of children in college, we encourage you to apply if you are concerned about your ability to pay.

What does family household income include?

Family income includes both taxed and untaxed income. Total income is based on the Adjusted Gross Income listed on the federal tax return plus all untaxed income (i.e., tax-deferred pension contributions, social security benefits, child support received, tax exempt interest). In cases of divorced or separated families, the incomes from both parents are considered in determining total family income.

Will an additional outside scholarship affect my award?

No, additional scholarships will not affect the award given to you by iXperience.

I don't think I qualify for aid, but I'm self-funding my education! Can I still apply for financial aid?

Yes, you need to speak to the iXperience admissions department for possible financial aid assistance. You can send us a mail at or chat with us using the speech bubble below.

How will my financial aid be disbursed?

If you are awarded financial aid, it will be deducted from your overall program fee.

I'm a local student, can I still apply?

Yes! Every year we welcome students from all around the world. We also offer local tuition for South African students attending the program in Cape Town. If you prefer a study abroad program that isn't around the corner from where you live, check out our Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Lisbon campusses.

Do you offer full scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not offer full scholarships. Our current scholarship structure allows us to provide a greater degree of inclusivity than if we were to offer fewer, full scholarships.

If you're a student, you might also be able to receive funding from your university. Although we are an external programme, some of our past students have managed to secure some form of subsidisation simply by approaching their faculty head, study abroad office, or career advisor. We suggest you take the plunge and find out if it would be feasible; we'll provide you with all the documentation you'll need for this.

Where can I look for additional scholarships?

If you're looking for additional funding and you're a student, we'd suggest reaching out to your university. Although we are an external program, some of our past students have secured some form of subsidization from their faculty heads. We'd suggest you take the plunge and find out if it would be feasible; we'll provide you with all the documentation you'll need for this. We've had a few students who, through their own efforts, managed to secure complete funding for the program!

A smart investment in your future.

Our alumni are at:

Inesha premaratne

Harvard '15, iX '14

Analyst at BCG
Aryan chhabria

Brown '16, iX '15

Engineer at Google
Sabra meretab

Stanford '16, iX '14

Analyst at Morgan Stanley
Zack chauvin

Harvard '15, iX '14

Engineer at Facebook
Cameron cross

UVa '16, iX '14

Consultant at Bain & Co
Phoebe brown

Princeton '16, iX '15

Analyst at Ernest & Young

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